TV Remains The Strongest Ad Medium


Weehawken, N.J.— While the Internet is gaining steam in terms of its effectiveness in reaching consumers, television remains the strongest advertising medium, according to a study from Roper Public Affairs & Media.

The study was funded by The Mediacenter, which represents local TV stations.

About 94% of 1,006 adults surveyed in January said they had watched TV the previous day.

According to the survey, 73% of adults indicated that they had listened to the radio the day before; while 59% read a newspaper, 51% surfed the Internet and 42% read a magazine.

On average, adults said they had watched 272 minutes of TV the previous day, compared to 122 minutes spent listening to the radio and 29 minutes reading newspapers. Adults also said they spent 73 minutes the previous day surfing the Internet, and 19 minutes with magazines.

Average TV viewing increased by just one minute compared to a similar study that was conducted in 2000. Internet usage more than tripled from the average of 35 minutes daily that survey respondents reported using five years ago.

The survey found that adults spend 29 more minutes watching television every day than they spend with radio, newspapers and the Internet combined.