TVN, AETN Reach VOD Accord


TVN Entertainment Corp. has reached a comprehensive video-on-demand services deal with A&E Television Networks.

Under the deal, TVN will support all of AETN’s on-demand initiatives, including distribution of both standard and high-definition content. AETN will also have access to TVN’s advanced asset management tools to reach its base of over 40 million VOD households.

TVN officials say the pact provides a flexible framework under which AETN can easily launch new VOD initiatives, modify programming options and customize metadata. Additionally, AETN will gain access to TVN’s full suite of VOD services, notably: TVNow, the company’s ultra-fast turnaround service for time-sensitive programming; ADONISS, its Emmy-nominated asset management system; and iPRI, a tool that allows networks to make real-time metadata updates on a site-by-site basis.

“This agreement further validates TVN’s unique value proposition combining its ubiquitous cross-platform distribution, interactive metadata tools, and online tracking system,” said TVN senior vice president of strategy and business development Matt Cohen. “We look forward to enabling our specialized tools to support AETN as they expand their VOD offerings.”

Added AETN vice president of distribution and business development: “VOD is a vital part of the bundle of services we provide to our distribution partners, and we value TVN’s responsiveness and ability to innovate quickly in support of our unique business requirements. AETN has ambitious plans for its VOD product and this agreement ensures AETN access to critical resources that will assist us in supporting our distributors.”

Among the programmer’s VOD offerings are A&E Network’s Intervention and Paranormal, and History’s Ancient Discoveries and Cities of the Underworld.