TVN Gears Up for MPEG-4 VOD

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TVN Entertainment has deployed Harmonic’s Clearcut offline content-preparation software to create high-definition on-demand assets, which will allow TVN to be able to produce VOD content encoded in MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding format.

TVN digitally compresses video with Harmonic’s DiviCom MV 500 MPEG-2 HD encoders and then formats the files using the Clearcut software for storage on video servers.

The capabilities of the Clearcut software to support MPEG-4 AVC was “an important consideration as we looked for a solution that would meet our needs today and in the future,” TVN vice president of technology Dave Bartolone said in a statement.

TVN has struck a partnership with SES Americom to provide VOD content to telephone companies offering Internet Protocol TV service. SES Americom expects to launch the VOD component of IP-Prime in the first half of 2008.