TVN Works With BlackArrow On VOD Ads


TVN Entertainment, a provider of video-on-demand distribution services, announced a partnership with ad-management vendor BlackArrow to deliver an integrated solution that provides streamlined VOD advertising workflows.

The combined solution will combine TVN's ad-distribution process with BlackArrow's dynamic VOD advertising platform to enable customized metadata for advertising assets, along with a methodology for the exchange of metadata between the two systems.

TVN and BlackArrow said they are working "with a number of operators and content partners" on dynamic advertising trials, but did not identify them.

The companies said they will use CableLabs' Asset Distribution Interface 1.1 specification to allow for the management of programming and advertising assets independently. The integration between TVN's Content Information Services and the BlackArrow's advertising-sales suite is complies with the SCTE 130 specifications for dynamic ad-insertion.

"Monetization of VOD via dynamic advertising continues to be a key business objective for our 200 content providers and 230 affiliates," TVN director of network sales Jan Young said in a statement. "Together, TVN and BlackArrow are advancing that agenda by demonstrating, for the first time, an integrated system for enabling and distributing VOD assets -- including advertising assets -- along with their associated metadata to interact seamlessly with ad campaign management systems."