TWC Flies Business Class


The company that delivered
Road Runner broadband is
now going after road warriors
— wirelessly.

Time Warner Cable has gone
to the Lone Star State to debut
a WiMax service targeted specifically at mobile business professionals
— a segment that the
biggest U.S. wireless carriers have
largely had all to themselves.

TWC’s Business Class Mobile is
a high-speed wireless data service
the cable company is bundling
with its other commercial services,
offering discounts to customers
who also take its Internet, voice,
video or Ethernet services.

The MSO claims the Business
Class Mobile provides wireless
download speeds of up to 6 Megabits
per seconds when within the
Time Warner Cable 4G service
area. The service provides access
to the Sprint’s national 3G network
when customers travel outside
Clearwire’s coverage area.

In Texas, TWC offers high-speed
wireless data service in Dallas, San
Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi
and Wichita Falls. The MSO provides
the WiMax service through
its investment in Clearwire, whose
other backers include
Sprint Nextel , Comcast ,
Bright House Networks,
Intel and

Cox Communications,
for its
part, is gearing up
for a big push to
sell wireless voice
and data services
to small businesses
along with its
consumer wireless
launch (see
“Target: Mobile

“With Business
Class Mobile, our
customers’ employees
will be
more productive
by enabling them to take the office with them when they are on
the go,” said John Owen, president
of TWC’s Business Class
group in Texas. “This wireless solution
further broadens our portfolio
of products and services for
the commercial segment.”

Meanwhile, Comcast last week
said it expects to launch the consumer-
oriented High-Speed 2go
— its branded version
of the Clearwire
service — in
Boston and Houston
by mid-2010.

Time Warner
Cable plans to expand
Class Mobile to
other service areas
in 2010. In addition
to Texas, Clearwire
markets where
Time Warner Cable
offers the Road
Runner Mobile residential
broadband service
include Charlotte,
Raleigh and
Greensboro, N.C.,
and Honolulu and
Maui, Hawaii.

TWC Business
Class Mobile customers also
will have access to the Clearwire
WiMax network in additional
markets outside the Time Warner
Cable footprint including Atlanta,
Baltimore, Chicago, Houston,
Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Seattle.
In 2010, 4G network coverage
is expected to expand to additional
cities including New York, Boston
and Washington, D.C.

TWC’s WiMax service for businesses is
available in two unlimited-usage plans:

4G National Premium: Starts at $65 per month; a 3G/4G
USB modem from Franklin Wireless is available no additional
charge with a two-year contract.

4G Premium: Starts at $45 per month; for customers who have
a wireless device embedded in their laptops.

SOURCE: Time Warner Cable