TWC’s Roku App Tightens Ties Between Live TV & VOD

Update Gives Users More Seamless Access To MSO’s VOD Library
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Time Warner Cable has added updates to its TWC TV app for the Roku platform that gives customers more seamless access to the MSO’s VOD library via the live TV guide.

According to this blog post, TWC subs who use the app on Roku devices can continue to scroll through the MSO’s live TV lineup but also know right away if a show on that live lineup is also available on Time Warner Cable’s VOD service.

“For some of the 6,000 available On Demand choices, a play icon appears in the live TV guide, which will play that specific episode or movie from the beginning. Just tune to the live stream, then click OK on the Roku remote to launch the On Demand version of the asset,” Nathalie Burgos, TWC’s public relations manager, wrote.

That new live TV/VOD feature is currently offered only on TWC’s app for Roku, but the MSO is also developing it for the TWC TV app for iOS-powered devices and other platforms, she said via email.

Late last year, the operator launched a series of updates for its authenticated TWC TV app that enabled the MSO to deliver both live TV streaming and VOD to its growing base of supported devices.