Two Execs Off the Mag Rack

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Two Mag Rack executives - general manager Matt Strauss and head of strategic planning Mike Nolan - are leaving the Rainbow Media Holdings Inc. service to form a consulting company, Strauss said Tuesday.

“Mag Rack has been a labor of love for me, from its creation and launch over three years ago to managing the day-to-day operation,” Strauss said. “With four major MSO deals, 30 video magazines and 2 million [video-on-demand] subscribers strong, Mag Rack is well on its way to continued growth and success.”

The new consulting firm plans to advise both distributors and networks about developing and selling new services, like the next generation of VOD offerings, according to Strauss.

“After years of being fully immersed in the on-demand world, I feel I have much to offer operators and programmers about developing and marketing compelling new services for consumers,” Strauss said.

A Rainbow spokesman said a number of candidates are being considered to fill Strauss' post.