Two on FCC See No Internet Discrimination


Chicago -- Two members of the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday
that they had not seen clear evidence of cable-operator discrimination to
justify government intervention to protect consumers as they search the Web for
content and commerce.

"I haven't seen much of that in the record," GOP FCC member Kevin Martin said
at a National Show luncheon here.

Democratic commissioner Jonathan Adelstein echoed that view, adding, "We
don't see overwhelming evidence in the record now of a problem."

Cable operators have been countering a lobbying battle at the FCC by
Microsoft Corp., Inc. and eBay Inc. Those firms want the FCC to
impose Internet-nondiscrimination rules so cable operators don't use network
control to harm competing Web merchants.

On Monday here, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said he was "really pleased"
that cable was providing so much openness on the Internet.