Tyson-Lewis to Pass 50M Homes


Home Box Office Pay-Per-View and Showtime Event Television completed
distribution agreements for the June 8 Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson PPV event, which
will pass a record 50 million households.

Neither SET, HBO PPV nor In Demand L.L.C. officials would reveal specifics of
the rate-card deal, but the Lewis-Tyson event will retail at a suggested price
of $54.95, the highest suggested retail price ever for a single PPV event.

HBO senior vice president of sports operations Mark Taffet said the price,
while unprecedented, is lower than early projections that suggested a $60 or $70
retail price.

'We feel that's appropriate given the uniqueness of the event, but it is also
in line with expectations,' Taffet said, adding that the fight has already set a
live-gate-revenue record of $20 million.

The fight will reach a record 32 million cable households and 18 million
satellite households, Taffet said.

In addition, 2,000 closed-circuit venues will carry the event.

To protect the PPV business, Taffet said, nonresidential outlets offering the
fight will be limited to a capacity of 500 patrons.