U S West Maps 99 Plans


Vail, Colo. -- U S West Inc. president and CEO Sol Trujillo
is mapping out an aggressive strategy for the Denver-based Baby Bell, including plans to
add more than 80,000 customers to its asymmetrical-digital-subscriber-line service by the
end of the year.

Earlier in the week, U S West announced it would spend an
additional $300 million in 1999 to help improve its channel and infrastructure

"This will position us for entry into the interLATA
long-distance business, and sharpen our competitive edge," Trujillo said in a
prepared statement.

Trujillo made his comments on the telco's DSL plans at
U S West's third annual Investor Conference held here last week.

In his comments, Trujillo said U S West plans to exceed the
100,000-subscriber mark on its "MegaBit" DSL service this year, and to increase
revenue in its data services divisions -- including DSL -- to $3 billion to $4 billion by
the year 2003.

The company also expects to surpass the 250,000-subscriber
mark for its USWest.com Internet service.