U S West, Sony Bankroll Intertainer


Santa Monica, Calif. -- U S West Communications and Sony
Corp. of America agreed last week to invest in video-on-demand-provider Intertainer Inc.

Sony and USWC joined Intel Corp., Comcast Corp. and
Sterling Ventures as investors.

USWC executives said the company will use Intertainer to
supply VOD to its xDSL (digital-subscriber-line) customers, starting with equipping wire
centers in 40 cities in June.

Jonathan Taplin, co-chairman of Intertainer, said in a
prepared statement that the investments "are an important validation of our concepts,
technology and market leadership in aggregating and delivering video entertainment

Joe Zell, president of U S West Interprise Networking, said
in a prepared statement that the commitment to Intertainer "is part of U S
West's commitment to offer our end-users the latest in high-speed-data
services." He was describing USWC's "Megabit" ADSL (asymmetrical DSL)
service, which is operational in Phoenix now, and which is scheduled to roll out across
the telco's 12-state region this year.