U-verse Counters Netflix With Movie VOD Package

AT&T Also Debuts Apps for Viewing Personal Photos and Videos on TV

AT&T is launching U-verse Screen Pack, a $5 monthly subscription video-on-demand for watching unlimited movies on TV and other devices, aiming to provide an alternative to Netflix, Redbox Instant by Verizon and other over-the-top video services.

The telco also introduced two new U-verse TV apps, available for no extra charge: PacketVideo’s Twonky Beam for accessing personal videos on TV, and Pix & Flix for viewing photos.

U-verse TV Screen Pack customers will get unlimited playback of movies on U-verse TV, Uverse.com and on the U-verse app for tablets and smartphones.

At launch, the AT&T U-verse Screen Pack will offer about 1,500 movies from major studios, including Sony and MGM, with more titles added on an ongoing basis. Asked for examples of movies, the telco cited American Teacher, Assassin’s Code and Charlie’s Angels.

Comcast last year launched a similar multiscreen subscription VOD package, Streampix, designed to keep subscribers in the pay TV fold. Streampix is included for no extra charge in certain Comcast bundles, and is available for $5 per month with other video packages.

“Our customers have told us they want subscription on demand services and we’re delivering,” Jeff Weber, AT&T Home Solutions president of content and advertising sales, said in a statement. “Screen Pack, along with our On Demand library, gives customers a flexible and more compelling movie experience, where and when they want it.”  

Screen Pack content is available on U-verse TV, at uverse.com, or in the U-verse apps for compatible smartphones and tablets.

AT&T is offering U-verse TV customers a free preview of Screen Pack between Jan. 7 and 13; customers can order Screen Pack on U-verse TV channel 9910. More info on the U-verse Screen Pack is available at www.att.com/screenpack.

Meanwhile, PacketVideo’s Twonky Beam app lets users send video clips from compatible smartphones the TV with the swipe of their finger.

Pix & Flix, created in the AT&T Labs, lets subscribers view photos stored on mobile devices on TV. The app also can connect to Facebook to view photos associated with an account on TV screens.

“These apps make it easier than ever to share your favorite photos and videos on a screen that’s easy for everyone to gather around and watch,” Weber said. “We’re excited to work with more developers to deliver more second-screen apps to customers.”

U-verse TV customers can connect their apps to any set-top in the home through channel 9301, with no special equipment required.

As of the end of September, AT&T had 4.34 million U-verse TV subscribers nationwide.