U-verse Grows in Texas


Houston— AT&T Inc. will expand availability of its U-verse video service to a 20,000-home master-plan community under construction outside of this city.

AT&T reached an agreement with General Growth Properties to build a fiber-to-the-premises network in the development. Residents will be able to order phone, Internet and video service as soon as they move in.

AT&T has launched U-verse service to a small number of homes in San Antonio.

The first homes in the Houston development, named Bridgeland, will open this summer. Time Warner Cable is the incumbent cable operator in the Houston area.

The telco also has forged agreements for access to new developments as part of its “Smart Moves” program. That initiative offers help, at AT&T’s Web site (att.sbc.com), to the estimated 42 million people who move each year and need to sign up for video, Internet and telephone services; to find moving companies and storage facilities; to send out change-of-address forms; to turn on utilities; and to subscribe to newspapers.

AT&T said it has 830,000 single-family homes now covered with Smart Moves contracts. Those include homes served by fiber-enhanced plant and areas offered more low-tech bundles.