U-verse TV Connects With Four Social TV Apps

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AT&T's U-verse TV has been bitten by the social-media bug.

The telco has integrated the service with four initial social TV apps for smartphones and tablets that let customers access real-time chat, content and sharing features related to what they're watching on television.

When U-verse TV customers open the apps on tablets or smartphones -- and connect to their in-home U-verse Wi-Fi network -- they can identify which set-top they're using and start receiving social feeds and information within the apps based on what's on TV.

U-verse TV social apps

The telco says customers can search for "U-verse enabled" apps in Apple's iTunes Store to access the first apps available. Those include: BuddyTV Guide, which provides personalized recommendations, a customizable TV guide, show reminders and real-time comments; Miso, which lets users share what they're watching, discover new shows based on what their friends watch and get information about favorite shows; TV Foundry, which provides info on shows, trailers, interviews, songs and companion content, lets users show it on the TV, and share it with friends via Facebook and Twitter; and Wayin, which allows you to share opinions with other members.

"Customers want their TV viewing experience to be social, without distracting from the TV show on their TV screen, and they want their choice of apps from their smartphone or tablet to work seamlessly with their TV and enhance their favorite TV shows," AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets vice president of video services Jeff Weber said in a statement.

About 40% of tablet and smartphone owners in the U.S. used their devices daily while watching TV, according to Nielsen. Of those users, 29% said they have looked up info related to a TV program while they were watching it.