Ucentric Patents Media-Distribution Scheme


Ucentric Systems is the proud new parent of a patent for its in-home
media-distribution scheme.

The Maynard, Mass.-based home-networking-technology provider was awarded the
patent, which can be applied in home-networking software and media-center or
gateway products.

It governs how media collected from multiple outside sources is distributed
across a home network and sets up rules for how the content is presented on
in-home devices including televisions, stereos, telephones and computers.

"The issuance of this patent underscores Ucentric's leadership position in
the evolving digital home," CEO Michael Collette said in a release.

"The media-center and media-gateway product category has arrived, and we are
now ready to help drive the market with our patent-protected solution that sits
front and center in the battle for the new digital home," he