UEI Signs Comcast Pact


Universal Electronics Inc. extended a remote-control deal with Comcast Cable
Communications Inc. in which the MSO will be purchasing UEI's navigator and
'Millennium 4' remote-control devices.

The Millennium 4, UEI said, includes additional video-on-demand
functionality, which Comcast is rolling out in more than 10 markets.

UEI said the wireless remote control includes permanent memory retention to
retain user settings even when the main battery power is lost.

Comcast counts more than 2.3 million digital subscribers.

Elsewhere, Motorola Inc. said Seren Innovations Inc. will be buying the
company's 'Broadband Services Router 64000.'

Seren is rolling out competing video, voice and data services in St. Cloud,
Minn., and the East Bay portion of San Francisco.

Motorola's BSR 64000 cable-modem-termination-system/router platform will
allow Seren to deploy high-speed-data and voice-over-Internet-protocol