Unified Video Technologies Launches uVOD

White Label Product Designed to Simplify Launch of Over-The-Top, On-Demand Content

Unified Video Technologies is launching a new white label, video-on-demand product that is designed to make it easier and less costly for telcos, cable system operators and Internet service providers to offer VOD services.

The service is available worldwide as a technology-only service, but in some regions it is being offered as both a technology solution and a content offering that includes a library of major Hollywood classic and new release titles.

Operators can adopt uVOD as a managed service, which includes provisioning, fulfillment and billing.

The per-subscriber pricing model reduces fixed costs and capital outlays as well as the time it would take to deploy and launch a VOD service.

In a statement, Pablo Goldstein, CEO of UNIV, said that the "affordable uVOD services" can be "deployed in a fraction of the time of on-premise solutions and at a fraction of the cost."