Universal Sets Music To PPV Movie Offer


Universal Studios Pay-Per-View (USPPV) will offer consumers who buy its theatrical film Nutty ProfessorII: The Klumps
a free CD of the film's soundtrack.

The multiplatinum album, which features songs by Janet Jackson, Jay-Z and Sisqo, will be available to subscribers who order the film on PPV or video-on-demand, said Universal Television & Networks Group senior vice president of worldwide PPV and video-on-demand Holly Leff-Pressman. After each PPV showing, Universal will also air a video performance by Musiq Soulchild, who appears on the soundtrack.

To promote the offer and the PPV film, USPPV will provide extensive national and local media placements, including buys on Black Entertainment Television, VH1, Comedy Central and the TV Guide Channel. The movie-which generated more than $120 million at the box office-will also be supported by extensive online advertising buys on such sites as Playboy.com, mplayer.com, tvguide.com, NetRadio.com and Musicvision Network, as well as print ads and targeted radio spots in 18 select markets.

Other online activities include a Web site enhanced with Macromedia Corp.'s "Flash" content, an interactive game titled "Find the Youth Formula" and advance online ordering capabilities via USPPV's Web site ( universalstudios.com/ppv

USPPV will also send out personalized electronic-mail messages from the "Klumps" about the film's premiere date, CD offer and Musiq Soulchild video to more than 65,000 consumers across the country, Leff-Pressman said.

"Eddie Murphy is a major draw at the box office as well as at home via pay-per-view, and we have great expectations that Nutty II
will follow this pattern of success," she said. "In addition, offering the free CD soundtrack and the Musiq Soulchild performance are strong value-added incentives that we feel will be of great interest to consumers." MCN