Update: FCC Revamps ‘Most Active Proceedings’


After The Wire pointed out a couple of weeks ago that the Federal Communications Commission’s online “Most Active Proceedings” page didn’t actually list the most active proceedings — and that the FCC’s assertion that it also included “proceedings that have had comments filed in the last 30 days” was not actually the cas either — the page has been updated to better live up to its name.

Now, instead of including proceedings with no filings at all — there were still a half-dozen of those on the list at the start of last week — and excluding proceedings with dozens of them, the list of proceedings by midweek had been pared down to only the 10 with the most filings in the last 30 days.

Previously, the page was a combination of the top 10, plus some other dockets that could be placed on the page at the discretion of various bureaus, hence those with zero filings on a page advertised as “most active,” which is what had drawn The Wire’s attention in the first place.

A tip of the editorial eyeshade to the FCC for clearing that up.

Postscript: The Open Internet docket was the most active with 6,747 filings in the last 30 days (driven by folks weighing in on the FCC’s zero-rating plan inquiry), with business data services (BDS) coming in at No. 2 at 2,858, thanks in large part, it appeared, to the flood of Frontier Communications employee emails The Wire pointed to in last week’s column.