Update: Louisiana Franchise Bill At Governor’s Desk


A bill reforming cable franchising in Louisiana is headed for the desk of Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The state Senate has approved the amendments to the bill written in by the House, so the next stop is the governor's office. The bill assigns franchising authority to the office of the Secretary of State, which will have 30 days to act on applications. 

The bill does not pertain tolarge cities such as New Orleans, for they have home-rule charters allowing them to protect business processes such as franchises.

A state franchising bill was passed overwhelmingly by the legislature in 2006, but vetoed by then-Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. Once incumbent operators realized the issue would be raised again this year, companies did everything they could to ensure that they and their customers would be treated fairly in a bill, said Cheryl McCormick, CEO of the Louisiana Cable Telecommunications Association.

“This bill accomplishes that,” she said.