Upfronts 2009: CAB Pens Pitch Letter


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With the broadcast presentations set for next week and the upfront selling season drawing nigh, the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau has reminded procurement and purchasing executives at the top 50 U.S. TV advertisers that cable's the way to go.

CAB president and CEO Sean Cunningham, in letters sent to the aforementioned advertising officials, detailed the investment merits of securing schedules and other messaging on ad-supported cable networks.

The missive, which was also disseminated to marketing and agency executives, pointed to the medium's accelerated ratings growth, which collectively accounts for 58% of all primetime ratings points and gives cable the largest reach among all key demo groups, including adults 18 to 34, 18 to 49 and 25 to 54.

The letter also points to the various networks' brand positioning as highly effective means to customized ad programs that go beyond simply "buying TV shows."

It also underlines cable's ongoing investment -- $20 billion in 2009 -- in fresh fare: CAB estimates that 67% of all cable network programming is original, versus one-third that is acquired.

"In this critical investing environment, we wanted to get the same fact sheet about network cable advertising in the hands of each of the important constituencies that collaborate on the buy side of the video advertising market" said Cunningham.

"Through our on-going meetings with media agencies, we know how rigorously they scrutinize every dollar that goes into their client's video advertising mix," he continued. "Cable has done increasingly well under that scrutiny due to our brands, growth, programming and value; this upfront investing ‘APB' simply looks to get top advertisers with one common, simple prospectus for the 2009/2010 season."