Upfronts 2017: Advanced Ads, New Leaders Head Viacom Pitch

Sean Moran highlights focus on consumer experience

In its upfront pitch, Viacom is telling media agencies that new management has fostered a collaborative attitude at the company that will produce better products for clients.

New head of ad sales Sean Moran is highlighting Viacom's advanced advertising capabilities, programming changes at networks including MTV and soon-to-be-launched Paramount Network, and the programmer's continuing ability to reach young viewers.

Because those young viewers were among the first to abandon traditional TV for digital entertainment options, Viacom's ratings suffered, as did revenue and profits, leading to the ouster of CEO Philippe Dauman last year.

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Viacom International head Bob Bakish replaced Dauman and has been trying to engineer a turnaround story by focusing on flagship networks — MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, BET and Spike, which becomes Paramount Network next January.

Bakish and the new heads of those networks have met with the large media agencies over the past couple of weeks at a series of upfront dinners.

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Moran says Viacom has shifted its advanced advertising group, including its targeted ad unit Viacom Vantage and its content unit Viacom Velocity, to be a part of the ad sales team under him.

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"We have the widest swath of youthful audience that exists out there. We've always had to be ahead of the game to deliver that audience a value and then deliver that same audience to the brands," Moran said. "Now we're doing this with advance advertising and we're looking into how that touches branded content, distribution strategies and measurement."

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