Upgrade Brings ‘Infinite Archive’ To Fabrix’s Cloud DVR Platform

Vendor Has Been Linked To Cablevision’s Remote-Storage DVR

Fabrix Systems said a new software release for its cloud DVR platform will enable service providers to store content for a very long time…like “forever.”

Fabrix said the Infinite Archive feature that comes with the new 3.3 version of its software platform for network-powered DVRs, allows customers “to record multiple channels simultaneously and store the recorded content forever.” The vendor said it can achieve such a lofty goal by equipping its system with the requisite backup capabilities to ensure “continuous operation” while making all channels and programs available to the system 24/7.

"We are offering service providers an infinite storage feature within their network DVR environments and addressing the concern that a cloud DVR service could be too costly to implement," Itai Tomer, Fabrix’s VP of products, said in a statement. "Fabrix's software-based, storage and compute platform already reduces server requirements to ensure a quicker ROI, and the features in this update continue to tip the scales in favor of developing an nDVR environment."

Fabrix, a vendor that is majority owned by IDT Corp., has not identified any customers for its previous- or new-generation software for cloud DVRs by name, but multiple sources have said the company is one of the suppliers tied to Cablevision’s remote-storage DVR platform. Cablevision’s recently upgraded version of that product, now called “Multi-Room DVR” and priced at $12.95 per month, allows customers to record up to 10 programs while they watch any live or pre-recorded show. The MSO estimates that the current version of the product provides customers with enough storage to hold 75 hours of HD programming and more than 300 hours of standard-definition video. 

A Fabrix spokeswoman said the vendor’s technology is presently deployed with eight tier-1 North American and European service providers, including both cable operators and telcos, with two more to “go live shortly,” but declined to name them. She added that Fabrix also has 10 active trials with tier 1 and 2 providers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Fabrix said its latest release is also equipped to support multiple digital rights management (DRM) formats and adds MP4 ingest support.