USA to Barely Interrupt Big Daddy


USA Network announced Thursday that its upcoming airing of Adam Sandler
comedy hit Big Daddy will run uncut and with fewer commercial

A spokeswoman explained that the 1999 theatrical release, scheduled for March
17 at 7 p.m., will carry the usual load of commercials, but the units will be
clustered so as to interrupt the film less often. She declined to specify the
film's commercial load.

As for running in its original theatrical form, the film contained mild
profanity, a scene with two guys kissing and one with Sandler's character and a
youngster urinating on a wall. One profanity will be fudged as 'bulls___'
without actually bleeping it.

Big Daddy's $163 million U.S. box-office take made it the
seventh-highest-grossing film of 1999.

It was part of a film package acquired from Columbia Pictures that includes a
shared broadcast window with Fox Broadcasting Group, according to USA senior
vice president of program acquisitions and scheduling Jane Blaney.

'One of the major complaints the basic-cable networks get from their viewers
is that their favorite theatrical movies are edited too much and there are too
many commercial breaks,' Blaney said in a prepared statement.

Big Daddy's St. Patrick's Day premiere will immediately follow another
Sandler comedy hit, The Waterboy, which saw its USA debut last June score
a 5.1 Nielsen Media Research household rating.