USA Goes Overhead at U.S. Open


Viewers tuning in USA Network's coverage of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship
are being treated to overheads of a different kind.

USA is serving up 'SkyCam' for the first time during its 92 hours of coverage
from the Grand Slam tourney through Sept. 9, according to network officials.

The three-foot, 20-pound camera can move at speeds over 25 miles per hour and
be maneuvered to provide coverage from a variety of locations, including aerial
'blimplike' angles, crane-style sweeping shots and tracking views spanning some
800 feet.

A point-to-point system featuring a robotic camera, advanced cable suspension
and a computerized transport system, 'FlyCam' is strung between Arthur Ashe
Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium. In addition to providing USA viewers with
overhead court coverage, the system is also affording Open vistas from the
United States Tennis Center grounds in Flushing, N.Y., and the Manhattan

USA used 'CatCam,' a similar system, to enhance its coverage of the French
Open in May and June.