USA Orders Action Drama To Love & Die


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Beverly Hills, Calif. -- USA Network picked up a new action-drama series, To Love & Die, as well as unveiling a 2008 development slate Sunday.

USA took the wraps off its plans at the Television Critics Association tour here, where NBC Universal Cable closed cable’s four-day part of the critic’s event.

USA ordered 12 episodes of To Love & Die, which is set to debut in 2008. It stars Roswell alum Shiri Appleby as a young woman who tracks down her father [played by Tim Matheson], who is a hit man, and realizes she has a talent for his line of work.

The network’s development slate for next year features new-series concepts with character-driven leads to reinforce USA’s “Characters Welcome” brand. The projects are Halo, The Expert and Citizen’s Arrest.

In Halo, a less-than-heavenly average Joe wakes up one morning with a halo over his head. While trying to get rid of it, he reluctantly starts finding himself doing good deeds.  

In The Expert, a reclusive librarian with a unique condition called synesthesia works with the police squad to aid in their investigations. Synesthesia allows her to mix her various senses -- she smells sounds, hears colors and feels words enabling her to explore unconventional ways to pursue criminals.  

And in Citizen’s Arrest, a young boy, who is convinced that he is a cop, is institutionalized for delusional behavior. When he is finally released as an adult, he goes "undercover" to clear the name of his surrogate "Uncle Jimmy," who was marked as a dirty cop.

USA also announced a debut date for Dr. Steve-O, a reality show starring Jackass alum Steve-O. It will debut Oct. 1 at 11:05 p.m., following WWE Monday Night Raw.

USA launched six scripted originals this summer, a first for any cable network.