USA Sees Best Social Day Ever With 'Psych' Slumber Party Marathon

Fan-Favorite Episodes on Feb. 16 Drive 172,000 Social Media Mentions
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USA's Psych Slumber Party marathon on Saturday, Feb. 16 from midnight to 6 a.m. ET drove 172,000 social media mentions, the best day ever in social media activity for any of the network's original series.

The marathon topped social media activity around the season two summer finale of Suits by 79%, which was previously USA's best social day. It also outperformed Psych's season 6.5 premiere day in all social metrics.

Additionally, USA's linear TV ratings compared to the prior four-week time period average by 24% with persons 18 to 49, 25% among adults 25 to 54, 41% with person 18 to 34 and 24% in total viewers.

That 41% uptick among young adults was what was most impressive to USA executive vice president of marketing Alexandra Shapiro. "[That] proves to me that social television works. On some level you can't deny this correlative relationship."

The Slumber Party was designed to get fans excited for Psych's season seven premiere on Feb. 27, given that the show has been off the air for almost a year. USA partnered with Twitter, Psychville, Facebook, GetGlue, Tout and Chatter, and over the six-hour event, Psych drove 157,000 Twitter mentions, 58,000 GetGlue check-ins and 1,000 Tout uploads.

"It was very deliberate to use multiple social platforms," Shapiro said. "The variety is ultimately what created the fervor and the mass engagement we were able to see."