USA Stakes Weekly Ratings Win


First-quarter, basic-cable ratings champ USA Network picked up where it left off by posting the medium's first weekly primetime ratings win of the second quarter.
The "Characters Welcome" network drew an average of 3.1 million viewers during the week of March 29 to Aug. 4, besting Disney Channel's 2.4 million viewers for the period, according to a Disney-ABC Television Group analysis of Nielsen data.
Fox News Channel, which finished the first quarter as the third most-watched network in primetime, held the same position last week, averaging 1.9 million viewers, while Nick-At-Nite drew 1.69 million viewers for a fourth place finish, slightly ahead of TBS's 1.64 million viewers.
History, on the strength of a huge rating for its sophomore reality series Pawn Stars, finished sixth with 1.6 million viewers, followed by TNT (1.5 million); ESPN (1.5 million); A&E (1.3 million) and Discovery Channel (1.2 million.)
World Wrestling Entertainment's March 29 Monday Night Raw show pinned down the top two slots among the most watched basic cable prime time shows, as well as the most watched show among key 18-49 and 18-54 viewers. Raw, however, was no match for the kids of South Park among adult 18-34 viewers. The popular Comedy Central animated series, along with Adult Swim acquisition Family Guy, bodyslammed Raw among the young viewer demo.

Top 10 Most Watched Shows For The Week*:
Date     Program                                                             Network                          Viewers
3/29     WWE Monday Night Raw (10-11:13 p.m.)    USA                                  5.8 million
3/29     WWE Monday Night Raw (9-10 p.m.)            USA                                  5.2 million
3/29     Pawn Stars                                                         History                             4.9 million
4/4       Good Luck Charlie                                            Disney                             4.6 million
3/31     NCIS                                                                    USA                                  4.6 million
3/29     NCIS                                                                    USA                                  4.5 million
3/29     American Pickers                                              History                             4.5 million
3/31     NCIS                                                                    USA                                  4.5 million
4/3       Spongebob Squarepants                                Nickelodeon                   4.2 million
3/29     NCIS                                                                    USA                                  3.9 million
* - Week of March 29 to April 4
Source: Disney-ABC Television Group analysis of Nielsen Media Research