USA Uncovers Ferrell ‘Character' Vignettes Behind Land Of Lost Film

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Sister services USA Network and Universal Pictures have partnered on a series of three customized vignettes to promote Will Ferrell's upcoming theatrical, Land of the Lost.

The 30- and 40-second spots will debut May 27 as part of "Character Uncovered," a USA branding initiative exploring famous characters in pop culture, according to officials at cable's No. 1-rated network. The Universal Pictures film will be released in theaters June 5.
The vignettes will feature Ferrell as he takes USA viewers through Q&As and anecdotes about his Land of the Lost character, discredited scientist Dr. Rick Marshall. As Marshall, he makes a number of discoveries after falling through a space-time vortex. The shorts will feature three of the film's prominent themes: dinosaurs, slow-moving reptiles known as Sleestak, and paleontology.
"We're pleased to work with our sister company Universal Pictures to help promote one of the studio's summer tent-pole films," said McCumber in a statement. "Our character-centric brand gives us license to bring Will's character to life in an organic way so we can engage viewers before the film's release."