USA's Monk to Bow in July


USA Network announced Tuesday that it will roll out new skein Monk
beginning in July.

The series starts as a two-hour back-door pilot, followed by 11 one-hour

USA, which has been struggling to find a significant original series, has
also committed

to Dead Zone, a drama based on Stephen King's novel of the same name,
which will debut this summer.

Meanwhile, a pilot for Red Skies, a martial-arts-oriented series, has
been produced, but USA has not yet placed a series order, according to a network

Monk stars Tony Shalhoub (The Man Who Wasn't There, Galaxy
) as Adrian Monk, an obsessive-compulsive detective whose psychological
disorder has cost him his position as a homicide detective on the San Francisco
Police Department.

Due to the tragic unsolved murder of his wife, Monk has developed an abnormal
fear of germs, heights, crowds and virtually everything else, which provides an
unusual challenge to solving crimes, not to mention his day-to-day

Bitty Schram (A League of Their Own) co-stars as Monk's nurse and girl
Friday, Sharona, who ends up becoming an unlikely Dr. Watson to his Sherlock