USDTV Clears 10K Hurdle


Over-the-air subscription-TV service U.S. Digital Television Inc. said Wednesday that it has topped the 10,000-subscriber mark.

USDTV launched in March, and its service is available in Salt Lake City; Albuquerque, N.M.; and Las Vegas.

"There has been exceptional consumer response to our unique new service," chairman and CEO Steve Lindsley said in a prepared statement. "Our growing base of subscribers demonstrates that the model works and that there is a strong and viable new business for broadcasters in the pay TV industry."

In addition to local broadcast channels, USDTV offers cable networks including ESPN, ESPN2, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Lifetime Television, Lifetime Movie Network, Home & Garden Television, Food Network, Fox News Channel and Starz!.