Utah Eyes Reversal of Cable Tax


One of the last actions of the Utah legislature’s last session was to include satellite and cable TV in the category of products that would lose their exemptions from the state's 4.75 % sales tax.

One of the first bills this session, which began Jan. 19, was a bill to repeal the sales tax on cable and satellite television

The tax -- which affects 500,000 households that pay for TV -- has been subject to criticism ever since it was passed last year. The legislature's own Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee reported in October that its committee members felt that the tax violates federal law. But the full legislature did not take action in an expanded session late last year dealing with revenue items.

Now, the sponsor of the original tax bill, Rep. Greg Curtis (R-Sandy), has sponsored the bill to repeal his own cable-tax proposal. In press reports, he said the tax is no longer needed, as the state’s economy is improving.