Utah Subscribers Sue Comcast


A Utah law firm filed a potential class-action suit against Comcast Corp.,
alleging that the MSO's statements of 24-hour programming availability are
"false and misleading."

Attorney James McConkie of Salt Lake City said the suit is a response to
outages for which consumers aren't compensated. The suit named Utah consumers
Donald and Gary Ellefson, John Wilson and Darryl Peterson.

McConkie said he didn't know whether the plaintiffs had sought rebates for
service outages or had been refused them. But the plaintiffs do hope to
represent Comcast subscribers on a national basis, he added.

Comcast officials said they hadn't received a copy of the suit, which was
filed Tuesday.

McConkie said consumers haven't experienced "an inordinate" amount of
outages, but they have experienced problems with signal loss and