'Variety’ Sponsors Career Contest


Los Angeles— Entertainment-industry news trade publication Variety is sponsoring a Hollywood career contest and teaming on a day-long seminar aimed at discussing effective marketing means to reach the elusive 18-to-34 set.

VarietyCareers, the media and entertainment job site whose contributors include Multichannel News, is affording those who want a career in the business or want to change their track within the realm a chance to win access to key industry power players.

In addition to meeting three high-level executives based on the winner’s area of interest — marketing, programming, development, finance or producing — the winner of the “Ultimate Hollywood Agenda” contest will spend two nights and one day in Tinseltown dining at a hot hang-out for industry types, breakfasting with The Variety Group president Charlie Koones and attending an event.

Applicants should log on to the redesigned Web site (www.varietycareers.com) and update or create their resume before May 31.

Variety is also working with interactive marketing trade publisher iMedia Communications, Inc. on “Integrate ’05: Marketing and the New Entertainment Consumer,” a one-day seminar aimed at providing insights on how to best approach tech-savvy young adults with marketing messages.

Scheduled for the Beverly Hills Hotel on June 29, the summit will house entertainment marketing executives, ad-industry officials, researchers and representatives from media and service providers who will engage in presentations and roundtables, and present case study information about the best ways to reach this target group. More information can be found at www.imediaconnection.com/Integrate.