Vendor Aiming for Commercial VoIP


Carrier Access Corp. is debuting a new high-bandwidth, multiservice router aimed at cable companies looking to adding voice-over-Internet protocol service to their commercial product offerings.

“This is a very exciting time,” said Troy Herrera, corporate marketing manager at Boulder, Colo.-based Carrier Access. “MSOs are looking to collapse voice and data delivery into one big fat pipe.”

The multi-service router “can provide VoIP quality of service and analog lines” for commercial businesses that haven’t made a complete IP conversion, he said.

Although Carrier Access currently derives 60% of its revenue from the wireless space, it’s no stranger to cable.


Both Cablevision Systems Corp.’s Lightpath unit and Cox Business Services have deployed CA’s router and access products for commercial-business customers. In both cases, those deployments have been circuit-switched based. But with MSOs rolling out residential VoIP service, Herrera believes commercial VoIP applications aren’t far behind.

The new Adit 3402 router has four T1 ports, two routed 10.100 base-T ports and 24 voice ports. It also contains firewall protections that can be critical to the data needs of business clients, Herrera said.

“With the firewall functionality, the security is turned on and there is no slowing of the IP-packet speed,” Herrera said. “You can use the full T1 speed.”

Later this year, Carrier Access plans to deploy its Adit 3104 IP business gateway, which adds a T1 line wide area networking port to the base model.

The Adit 3402 router will serve to replace existing routers, security appliances and Ethernet switches used in data applications. It will also replace much of the circuit-switch infrastructure, saving both the service providers and the enterprise user money. “There is an economic value to have it all in one pipe,” Herrera said.


Herrera believes cable’s existing circuit-switched suppliers of telecom services to businesses will migrate over to IP soft switches to save costs. “They will get away from the monthly T1 line recurring charges,” he said.

And MSOs will be able to offer businesses new services such as web voice pages, which is the ability to make phone calls with the click of a mouse.