Vendors Team For Ad-Management Demo At CableLabs Event

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Four technology vendors -- OpenTV, Sigma Systems, Arris and This Technology LLC -- plan to jointly demonstrate what they're claiming is a first-of-its-kind advanced-advertising inventory management solution for cable operators at this week's CableLabs Summer Conference 2009.

The solution provides enhanced detail about the advanced-advertising inventory cable operators have available to sell, regardless of region or platform, or whether the ad units are interactive or on-demand, according to the vendors.

"The management of advertising inventory is a vital component to an operator's advanced advertising infrastructure," OpenTV senior vice president and general manager of advanced advertising Paul Woidke said in a statement. The demo shows "operators how they can aggregate information and ensure the correct message will be delivered to the right audience, a crucial component to the success of an advertising campaign."

The demonstration will show OpenTV's campaign-management solution collecting detailed audience information from Sigma Systems' Subscriber Information Service (SIS) for audience qualification as part of the ad-sales process.

To that data, This Technology's MetaMore and SpotBuilder Content Information Service (CIS) and Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS) will add contextual information (such as time, region or content) to create a view of available inventory. Finally, Arris's Ad Decision Manager (ADM) conducts the physical ad placement requests for the delivery, management and reporting of the relevant advertising assets and the programming materials to the subscriber household.

The CableLabs conference, open only to the consortium's members and partners, is set to run Aug. 9-12 in Keystone, Colo.