Vendors Team To Target Interactive Ads

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Visible World and Ensequence are set to announce a solution that provides the ability to deliver interactive TV ad content to targeted viewing audience.

The system uses CableLabs’ Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format standard to embed content into an MPEG-2 stream, then relies on an EBIF client in the set-top to display the content targeted to that particular viewer.

The two companies demonstrated the solution at the CableLabs-hosted advanced-advertising interop event in Louisville, Colo., the week of Nov. 10. In one of the demos, two different request for information (RFI) options were delivered to two set-tops based the demographic profile associated with each box.

“Our integration with Ensequence at the CableLabs interop event demonstrated how addressable advertising can be seamlessly mixed with interactive advertising based on the EBIF standard,” Visible World chief technology officer Gerrit Niemeijer said, in a statement.

The solution combines Ensequence’s interactive television platform with Visible World’s IntelliSpot Connect network that lets advertisers target ads by household, geography or content. Measurement is provided by the IntelliSpot Insight reporting system.