Verivue Changes Spots From VOD To CDN Supplier


Verivue, a tech startup whose backers include Comcast and Arris, has shifted focus from high-scale video-on-demand servers to systems that let cable and operators build and run their own content delivery network services.

Given the surge in over-the-top video, CDNs represent a much larger market opportunity -- of a few billion dollars -- compared with a few hundred million in VOD servers, according to Verivue CEO Jim Dolce.

While products for letting Internet service providers cache Web traffic have been around for more than a decade, "you didn't have YouTube, over-the-top video streaming until recently... now the problem is very clear," Dolce said.

Verivue now is peddling a new product line aimed at letting service providers build their own CDNs, the OneVantage Content Delivery Solution, available in either appliance or software form. The products are based on Verivue's acquisition last fall of CoBlitz, a 15-employee startup spun off from Princeton University that developed high-performance caching software.

Verivue CEO Jim Dolce

Key competitors selling CDN technology include Cisco Systems and Alcatel-Lucent. But whereas those vendors' solutions are focused on video content, Verivue's CDN system is extensible to handle everything from live and on-demand streaming video to much smaller objects such as thumbnail images and HTML pages, Dolce said.

"The value proposition here is that you build one CDN that is extensible to multiple services," he said. "CDNs must go beyond video delivery and should be extensible to other applications."

Verivue has outlined five applications enabled by OneVantage: bandwidth optimization, to provide transparent caching of video and other content at the network's edge to alleviate traffic congestion; multiscreen video delivery for managed services; reselling CDN services to content providers; mobile data acceleration; and "cloud edge optimization," to improve the performance of a provider's other network-based application services.

Westford, Mass.-based Verivue also announced Telekomunikacja Polska (TP Group), a fixed-line operator in Poland that is part of the France Telecom Group, has deployed the OneVantage solution to build a nationwide CDN to deliver a broad range of content services to subscribers.

Verivue's legacy VOD server products have been consolidated under the OneVantage umbrella. "Now you build a CDN in the center of the network, plug in VOD streaming for set-tops and caches for IP streaming to connected devices," Dolce said.

In another development, Verivue vice president of marketing Tom Rosenstein left the company in late 2010, a spokeswoman confirmed. Verivue's director of marketing now is Karen Livoli, who previously served in marketing roles with Acme Packet, Juniper Networks and Unisphere Networks.