Verizon Bringing Triple Play to Texas


Verizon Communications will launch a triple-play bundle of high-speed data at various speeds, Internet-protocol video and telephony this summer in the north-central Texas town of Keller.

The telco's executives said that by year-end, they intend to link 1 million homes in nine states to its fiber-to-the-home plant.

The company has already installed 420,000 feet of fiber optic in Keller, population 19,200, which is about two-thirds of what the company needs to cover the community. Verizon will spend $15 million just on the Keller project, said Paul Lacouture, president of the telco's network-services group.

The company will offer data services for the casual user at 5 megabits per second downstream and 2 mbps upstream. The fastest service will be 30 mbps down and 5 mbps up, increasing to 100 mbps next year.

The executives would not discuss pricing, but they said their charges would be comparable to what the marketplace is currently charging for 1.5-mbps upstream capacity.

The service was welcomed by city officials. City manager Lyle Dresher said he gets calls every week complaining about the lack of high-speed-data service.

"Obviously, [Verizon has] invested its future right square in the center of Keller," he said at a local press conference.