Verizon, CWA Talks Continue After Contract Expiration


Talks continued late Aug. 3 between the Communications Workers of America and Verizon Communications Inc. in an effort to resolve contract issues that would prevent a threatened strike by 65,000 technicians.

The current contract expired at 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning, but union officials issued a statement that the parties had made enough progress to continue the talks rather than striking. The union represent workers from Maine to Virginia; should they go out on strike, managers may take over some tasks.

The union is worried about attempts by the telephone company to compel workers to share the cost of their ongoing health benefits. Union officials are also pushing for job protection language in the pending contract. Jobs sites such as call centers have been moved overseas and other jobs have been assigned from long-term employees to newer, lower-wage workers, according to the union.

The potential strike could slow Verizon activities, including the deployment of FiOS broadband services, in the northeast corridor.