Verizon Expands DSL Content

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Verizon Online unveiled a new, lower-cost pricing structure for
digital-subscriber-line service, coupled with Microsoft Corp.'s MSN 8 content
and Wi-Fi access in New York.

Consumers who purchase a local, regional or long-distance package can get DSL
for $29.95 per month, Verizon said, or $34.95 a without a package.

The MSN 8 package includes "MSN Photos Plus," "Encarta," "Money Plus,"
electronic-mail storage, parental controls and expanded browsing

In New York, Verizon is activating 150 Wi Fi "Hot Spots at public phone
locations. Consumers within 300 feet of those Hot Spots can access Verizon's
high-speed connection via PDAs (personal digital assistants) and pocket