Verizon Expands FTTH Rollout


Verizon Communications disclosed nine new markets where it is deploying fiber-to-the-home technology that will allow the company to offer high-speed service beyond 5 megabits per second and advanced video services.

At a press conference in Falls Church, Va., Verizon executives said the new high-speed service will debut in that market over the next few weeks. Other deployments include parts of Delaware and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, as well as parts of the following counties: Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino, Calif.; Hillsborough and Pasco, Fla.; Montgomery, Md.; Essex and Middlesex, Mass.; Nassau, Rockland and Westchester, N.Y.; Bucks and Chester, Pa.; and Arlington, Fairfax and Loudon, Va.

Verizon plans to launch video services -- including video-on-demand, HDTV and Internet-protocol TV -- next year.

Residents in Falls Church will be able to sign up for a 5-mbps downstream, 2-mbps upstream service for $34.95 per month when ordering another Verizon service. The company is also offering a 15-mbps downstream, 2-mbps upstream service for $44.95 per month. And home businesses will be offered a 30-mbps downstream service.

Verizon has already rolled out the service in Huntington Beach, Calif.; North Tampa, Fla.; and Keller, Texas. The telco plans to pass 1 million homes this year and 2 million more next year.

Executives said the telco is in the midst of negotiating franchise agreements with local governments for its launch of cable-TV service next year.