Verizon Expands Monthly Pricing


NEW YORK — Verizon Communications is
widening a cable-like month-by-month
pricing option for FiOS bundles across
all its markets,
hoping the move
convinces more
cable customers to dump their provider.

The telco has eliminated the requirement
that customers sign twoyear
contracts to receive special pricing
for FiOS bundles. With the offer,
Verizon is guaranteeing prices for one
year without an early-termination fee.

Verizon introduced the month-tomonth
option last month in Tampa,
Fla., as well as in Pennsylvania, which
“met with very favorable customer response,”
the telco said in announcing
the expansion of
the program.
While Verizon
has previously off ered month-tomonth
bundles, those were priced
about $20 higher per month than the
contract term bundles. Now, new FiOS
customers can get a triple play starting
at $99.99 per month (excluding
taxes, fees, set-top charges and other
options) without locking into a twoyear