Verizon FiOS Drops In Netflix Rankings

Average Streaming Speed Dipped 17% In June
NetflixRankings June 2014 450x345.jpg

The average performance of Netflix streams delivered to Verizon FiOS subs dropped 17% in June versus May, according to the latest Netflix ISP Speed Index, which arrives just days after Verizon blamed the video streaming giant for degradation issues.

According to Netflix, the average speed of streams delivered to FiOS subs during primetime hours in June was 1.59 Mbps, down from 1.9 Mbps in May. That decline also dropped Verizon FiOS two spots, to No. 12, on the list of major ISPs measured by Netflix each month. Among those same major ISPs, Verizon DSL remained in last place – with a 910 kbps average – versus 1.05 Mbps during the month of May.

Netflix issued its latest report as the video streamer and Verizon trade volleys about who’s at fault for an apparent slowdown of Netflix streams delivered to subscribers via the telco’s high-speed network. The argument has continued to fester despite the fact that the two companies announced a paid interconnection deal in April

Verizon claimed that its study found no congestion on its access network, but that it did find it present at the interconnection link used by Netflix’s transit providers. Netflix contends that ISPs such as Verizon have allowed their peering points to degrade, forcing the company to strike paid peering deals with Verizon as well as Comcast. Netflix is also urging the FCC to include paid peering agreements within the scope of the discussion as the Commission’s pursues new Open Internet rules, arguing that such deals are tantamount to  an “arbitrary tax” on Netflix and other OTT services.

Among major providers, Cablevision Systems remained on top of Netflix’s list with an average of 3.10 Mbps in June, up from 3.03 Mbps in May, followed by Cox Communications (2.99 Mbps), and Suddenlink Communications and Charter Communications (2.86 Mbps each), Comcast (2.61 Mbps), Time Warner Cable (2.14 Mbps), Bright House Communications (2.02 Mbps) and Mediacom Communications (1.91 Mbps), which jumped three spots in Netflix's monthly rankings.

With smaller ISPs factored in, Google Fiber remained atop Netflix's index for June, clocking in an average stream of of 3.63 Mbps.

Verizon should see improvements in its rankings as viewed through the Netflix lens once its interconnection agreement with the OTT provider begins takes hold. That work is expected to be completed later this year, a Verizon spokesman said.

“When completed, we fully expect FiOS customers who are also Netflix customers to have an exceptional user experience,” the spokesman added.

Comcast’s rankings rose significantly soon after it began to complete its peering arrangement with Netflix.