Verizon on FiOS: That's 'Enterstayment'


A majority of adults may be spending more time at home watching television than attending outside events this holiday season, according to a national survey commissioned by Verizon Communications.

In all, 57% of the 1,026 adults polled said they would be going out less. The telecommunications company is using that statistic and other data in the survey to try to convince consumers that its FiOS TV product can satisfy the trend in “home enterstayment.”

The survey indicated 62% of adults have purchased an HDTV set, while another 16% said they may buy a set before the end of the year. To attract these households, Verizon continues to tout its 400 total channels and 11,000 video-on-demand selections.

The company also queried viewers on their expectations for fiber-optic-delivered programming. Thirty-eight percent indicated they were interested in the best picture quality, with women outindexing men in excitement on that attribute, 42% to 34%. Men were more likely to be excited by the HD choices, clear sound and interactive services. Forty-five percent were interested in the ability to search for content by keyword, according to the survey.

To attract new FiOS TV subscribers by year-end, Verizon is offering 90 days of free access to Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, Starz, The Movie Channel, Sundance Channel and IFC. This package also includes 40 HD channels and access to 9,000 free VOD titles per month.