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Verizon Hooks LTE Into Private Nets

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Verizon, looking to drive corporate customers to buy 4G wireless services, is extending its IP-based virtual private network service to Long Term Evolution (LTE) devices.

The Private IP Wireless LTE offering from Verizon Enterprise Solutions lets corporate customers open up applications to mobile workers over VPN connections and introduces a way for companies to set up machine-to-machine processes, according to the telco. Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network is available in about 230 U.S. markets.

With the service, traffic from registered LTE devices -- including tablets, smartphones and USB laptop dongles -- is routed from a Verizon Wireless tower to a business customer's VPN using the MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) specification to guarantee quality of service. The solution does not require IPSec encryption on the client, although that's an option.

"We're seeing companies use wireless broadband for all kinds of applications they never thought of before," said Steve Goodman, manager of global wide area solutions marketing for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Verizon has offered 3G wireless integration with VPNs since 2008, with 190,000 individual users on EVDO wireless connecting to private IP networks.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions charges a one-time fee of $500 to set up a VPN for LTE users (regardless of number of users or locations). "This is to give customers the flexibility to use LTE as an alternative to landline broadband or as a backup," Goodman said.

The telco soft-launched the LTE-to-private-IP capability in January. Verizon declined to identify customers using the service.