Verizon To Pull Analog TV Signals In Texas


Verizon, as part of fulfilling its regulatory commitment to move to all-digital TV transmission by February 2009, will stop transmitting local analog broadcast signals to FiOS TV customers in its Texas markets. starting Sept. 22.

In June 2007, Verizon told the FCC it would eliminate analog channels before the digital TV transition in order to receive a temporary waiver to the agency's ban on set-tops with integrated security functions.

Verizon has simulcast analog versions of local TV channels to allow subscribers to view them on second or third TV sets without using a set-top box.

As it shuts off analog service, the company will provide FiOS TV subscribers them with one free digital set-top box, although the device will not be able to access the FiOS interactive program guide or video-on-demand service.

Verizon has phased out analog service in other areas, including New YorkNew JerseyMassachusetts, and in Maryland and Northern Virginia.