Verizon Revisits FiOS Installations In New York


Verizon is revisiting its FiOS installations in New York, following a finding by state regulators that a portion of the plant is improperly grounded.

The company's action was prompted by an inspection for staff members of the New York Public Service Commission, which determined that bonding and grounding on FiOS optical network terminals is faulty.

The telco has already filed a network review plan with the regulators. It has formed an optical network quality assurance guarantee team, made up of retired service managers and outside consultants, according to a document filed with the NYPSC. That team will check a sample of terminals going forward. The currently installed plant will be checked during routine service and maintenance, according to the Verizon plan. 

Verizon began the quality checks at the beginning of this month. The review plan calls for the sweeps to be completed eight months from now, on April 30, 2009.

The PSC is seeking public comment on the remediation plan and timing. The PSC anticipates a decision on accepting, modifying or rejecting Verizon's repair plan after public comment closes on Sept. 22.