Verizon Sets Live TV iPad App for FiOS

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Verizon FiOS TV is offering
subscribers several new video applications
over the next year, including an iPad
app that will allow live cable network
feeds to stream to the Apple tablets.

The iPad app, which is expected to
launch sometime next year, will allow authenticated
FiOS subscribers to use their
iPads to view live content from their cable
boxes — within their own homes, Verizon
CIO Shaygan Kheradpir said during a Verizon
demonstration Tuesday within his
New York City home.

Kheradpir said he’s currently in negotiations
with content providers to secure
rights for the service. But it may
take a while to build a robust offering
of numerous cable channels; many cable
networks are still struggling to find
a business model for offering their TV
content online.

Kheradpir said the iPad software simulates
the functions of a traditional cable
box and can be accessed through a free
app that downloads a video mosaic of the
most popular programming currently being
viewed by Verizon subscribers. A Verizon
spokesman said that the app will
be “platform agnostic” but will initially
launch for the popular Apple tablet.

A Turner Networks spokeswoman
in attendance confirmed negotiations
with Verizon but said no deals have been
completed. Verizon showcased live CNN
programming as part of its iPad demonstration.

“This is the beauty of FiOS is that we
have a cloud TV product, and we have
enough capacity to have these streams going
simultaneously,” Kheradpir said. “This
is not your grandfather’s cable TV.”

On the video-on-demand side, Verizon
announced a new multi-platform offering
that will allow subscribers to purchase and
watch movies and other content across as
many as five different video devices.

Consumers can download or rent movies
via the television and watch them on
a computer; a Droid X or Droid 2-based
Verizon Wireless cell phone; a Windows
Mobile 6.5-based smart phone; or
a BlackBerry Storm, according to Ruchir
Rodrigues, vice president of product design
and development for Verizon.