Verizon Throws Four at Bright House


Verizon Communications is expanding the availability of a four-product bundle, this time introducing it in Tampa, Fla., where it competes in wired-video delivery with Bright House Networks.

The bundle, branded Verizon Complete Freedom, allows consumers to buy wired and wireless telephone services; Verizon DSL or FiOS Internet service, where available; and FiOS video or DirecTV direct-broadcast satellite service, where available, with all services presented on one discounted bill.

In the Tampa market, the pricing for the four-service bundle will start at $142.92 per month.

So far, the bundle is available in Tampa and in Texas, where Verizon has also launched landline video service, according to Bob Elek, Verizon's Southeast media-relations manager.

Bright House plans to introduce cellular service for inclusion in its bundle, but it has yet to launch that product.